Retirement Services


The Hilb Group offers comprehensive retirement services to help you optimize a retirement program for your business and your employees. From program design and plan management to education and fiduciary support, we provide all the guidance you need to ensure your plan’s future success, today.

Retirement Administration

Plan Administration

Proper retirement plan administration is crucial, so the Hilb Group offers comprehensive services for all types of qualified plans, including defined benefit, cash balance, 401(k), and 403(b):

  • 401(k) Administration
  • 403(b) Administration
  • Compliance Testing
  • Cross-Tested Calculations
  • Distribution Processing
  • Special services such as plan termination, mergers, acquisitions, IRS and DOL audit support, QDRO consulting, and compliance reviews

To help ensure continued compliance with applicable rules and regulations, the Hilb Group offers a range of support services for your plan, including:

  • Plan Documents: We will draft plan documents, submit them for IRS approval and continue to update them annually.
  • Fiduciary Compliance: The Hilb Group can help you understand your fiduciary responsibility as a plan trustee or business owner and guide you through the rules and regulations to minimize your potential liability.
  • Actuarial Services: Our experienced team manages the complex actuarial calculations needed to design and maintain your plan in accordance with applicable laws.
  • IRS and DOL Audits: We can represent your organization in IRS or DOL audits to settle any disputes and minimize penalties assessed against the plan sponsor.
  • Annual Compliance Testing and Government Reporting: We provide the following services, if applicable:
    • Contribution deductibility calculations (§404)
    • Annual additions testing (§415)
    • Top heavy testing (§416)
    • Coverage testing (§410(b))
    • ADP/ACP testing (applicable to 401(k) plans)

Retirement Advisory Services

At Hilb Group, we can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan – or enhance an existing program – that pursues your goals and those of your employees.

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