Cost Containment

Maximize Your Plan’s Value for You and Your Employees

An attractive benefits plan is critical to maintaining top talent. Yet, rising costs due to regulations, utilization, and medical trend continue to consume profits and wages alike, making it increasingly difficult to provide a package that satisfies both employers and employees. That’s where Hilb Group can help.

Instead of simply limiting plan design choice, cost shifting, or carrier shopping, we look at underlying benefit cost drivers – and how we can change them. Our focus is on giving employers and employees the control they need to lower their spending today, and over the long term, through a variety of methods.

  • Claims Analysis    To help you understand the cause of rising claims and opportunities to control cost drivers, we analyze data monthly and use the information for forecasting, modeling, and benchmarking – critical for effective benefits planning and negotiating pricing aggressively.
  • Funding Reviews   Based on your population and company culture, we’ll weigh the risks and rewards of different funding options like self-funding, stop-loss captives, and multi-employer purchasing groups, and recommend an appropriate strategy for your organization.
  • Wellness Promotion   We can help you incorporate proven programs and incentives that drive participation for reduced benefits usage and increased productivity – and a measurable ROI.
  • Consumerism Options   With a variety of consumer-driven options available today, we can help you give employees access to the level of benefits – and savings – they want, based on their unique circumstances.

The result? Creative solutions that maximize your plan’s value for you and your employees.

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